Last week tonight with John Oliver season 4 2017

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Last week tonight is a very funny show, I will be uploading the episodes for now, hence HBO only post parts of the show.

Last week tonight - 21 May 2017 - Stupid Watergate
John Oliver will be complaining about The Donald's love relationship with Russia, Comey leaving some memo's around and the beloved TSA.

Last week tonight - 14 May 2017 - Dialysis Crisis
John Oliver be talking about Comey, Dialysis and Bill English

Last week tonight - 7 May 2017 - Net Neut'e'r'on'ality
John Oliver rambles about the American Health Care Act of 2017 and Net Neutrality. Both will disappear. Good night!

Last week tonight - 23 April 2017 - Oh dear Ivanka 
John Oliver discusses the missile tests from Kim Jung Kong, the referendum of Turkey (the animal) and Ivanka.

Last week tonight - 16 April 2017 - Frenchie French and Hitler
John Oliver discusses Sean Spicer Hitler references, Donald Trump being disliked and another airstrike on this planet. Earth is like a game of SIMS where the adult playing it got bored and let his three year old take over the wheel. Yippie !

Last week tonight - 9 April 2017 - Gerry, Jerry Manderin, Mandering
John Oliver discusses the missile strike on Syria, the fact that Bill O'Reilly is rich but that he doesn't pay for sex, so he has sexual harassment lawsuits going and he welcome's a guest to the show: Thomas Kopache.

Last week tonight - 2 April 2017 - Marijuani, Tijuana
John Oliver is about to get baked in the marihuana discussion. He will also ramble about the cheap Trump Tower and zebras. YES, zebra's in Peru. Check it out!

Last week tonight - 19 March 2017 - Budget, Fudge it
John Oliver goes to great lenghts to discuss the budget, the wikileaks CIA scandal and the international women's day or as trump knows it "grab-u-pus"-day

Last week tonight - 12 March 2017 - America don't care Act
John Oliver will soon end up in the new healthcare system that will shoot your dog and do isis-style beheadings of your children.

Last week tonight - 5 March 2017 - Dalai Trump
John Oliver complains and praises the Dalai Lama. As you will suspect, at some point he will rant about Trump.

Last week tonight - 26 February 2017 - No Obama - No Care = ObameCare Gone
John Oliver complains again about what a mess will become after republicans finally repeal Obamacare.

Last week tonight - 19 February 2017 - Anti Trump Train
John Oliver cries about what Trump did again. He also discusses the bro love (no homo!) between Putin and Trump.

Last week tonight - 12 February 2017 - Trump vs Liberal Truths
John Oliver whines about Trump again and proposes to manipulate the media . Who said 2017 was going to be better than 2017, again?

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